Fronix wireless portable micro nano blue light fogging Gun model No. FHG260

Product Description

·Voltage:    AC220V,50Hz/AC110V,60Hz
·Powercordlength:   wireless
·AirIon Nano-steam:  22ml/Min
·Water bottle capacity:  600ml
·Controlway:  control by switch

Can be used in office , mall, shops, school ,hospitals


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New style Intelligent ultraviolet nano automation disinfection spray gun disinfection fogging gun.

Method of use:

1. Press the red switch, wait for the machine Thermal to heat for about 40 seconds. When the green light is on, this gun is ready for spraying the negative lon Nano vapor.

2. Anionic spin function: our patented anion spin can adjust negative ions steam water molecules into Nano-particle size, clockwise rotation of water molecules larger particles (with larger mist volume ), while a reverse clockwise rotation produces smaller water molecules(with a smaller mist volume). For normal proposes the blue mist mode is recommended.

3. Be sure to add distilled water into the water container.