Why We Need Queue Management ?

What puts a retail business ahead of its competitors is its ability to create loyalty and efficiency for effectively meeting their customers’ expectations. Keeping the customers waiting in a long queue is not really the best idea if you are aiming for a positive impact on anyone’s experience about your business. Retailers experience revenue losses of up to 39% due to long queues. But there is a solution: Queue management technology.  With a Queue Management system, retailers can accurately calculate the number of customers at the checkout queues as well as the average time they spend waiting.

Queue management systems analyze and improve the flow of visitors, generating significant benefits. Here are some of the reasons why a proper queue management provides critical advantages for retailers:

Customer Satisfaction

No one likes to wait in line, and in retail business, because of the intensity of the competition, customer satisfaction should be the main goal. One in every three potential customer, leave the store without making a purchase if they have to wait more than five minutes to make the payment. Customers value their time, hence, in order to create a better experience and obtain loyalty, it is of great importance to make them leave your store happy – by improving the checkout experience.  Therefore, tracking the queues and customer flow throughout the store is very important.

With a proper queue management system, the businesses would be able to measure the customer flow, how long the customers wait in line, the percentage of the customers that leave without making a purchase because of the waiting process and come up with the optimal checkout queue length with the data obtained from queue management technology. The system also notifies the staff when there is a longer than optimal queue and prompts them open another cash register. With the help of queue management system, queues that are properly managed ensure that customers make it through the whole process of actually making a purchase and don’t leave your store dissatisfied.

Workforce Efficiency

Working with a queue management system, especially in the retail business, provides invaluable data about customer flows and peak times of the business. This kind of important data could be fed back into staff schedules and betterment of staff allocations in order to make them more efficient for the customer needs. Allocating your staff accordingly with the data you have obtained from queue management system not only helps you make sure your customers are content with their shopping experience, but also diminish the customer complaints. Shorter check out queues means happy customers, happy customers means happy staff. Happy staff means better and more productive workforce.


Retail queue management is an investment that would become a cost saving strategy in the long run. Businesses that are using this system are able to understand the average time spent in their queues, and this enables them to rethink their queue strategy and staff allocations. With a proper queue management system, retailers can allocate their resource and workforce better and ensure that unnecessary staffing costs are reduced.

In a nutshell, proper queue management means your customers are getting the service when they expect it without having to wait around to do so. Managing your queues with queue management means you will be able to allocate your staff at the places they are needed the most. Queue management technology will, most importantly, help you keep your customers happy and satisfied leaving your store. In the long run, they would be preferring your brand and service, not your competition.